24 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Pick ‘n’ Mix

  1. I am so happy that my days of condom use on a regular basis are behind me… oh the joys of a vasectomy, however that does look like a fun collection.


  2. They look like what I got at Eroticon.

    I have had a Glow in the dark condom before. They work in two ways:

    1. They did glow in the dark.
    2. My (then fiancee) did not get pregnant.

    The latter happened, because she burst into uncontrollable giggling at the sight of me with the “light sabre” attached to my bollocks (along with the silly noise I had to make) that there was no way I was having sex at all that night. 🙂

  3. Long gone are the days for me too, for the need of condoms.. But, I do think I could make some wicked balloon animals out of our little goodie bag from Eroticon.. 🙂

    I’d go with glow in the dark one first & have a serious Star Wars moment..!

    Pea ~x~

  4. I have some condoms laying around here for some just in case moments, but we haven’t used them in years. Nice collection though. Way to be safe!

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