iStock_000017187832XSmall_GARDEN_HANDSEdgeplay. For a while now, I’ve been wanting to explore more of it in my writing but have worried a lot about my ability to communicate the eroticism of those acts that fall within its shadow. Getting that balance between sexy and downright scary can be incredibly tricky and I’m conscious that I’m trying to depict sexual practices that some readers may not be comfortable with.

The following excerpt is from a story I’m currently working on (tentatively titled Dirty Hands), which sprung, quite unexpectedly, from a prompt by F. Leonora Solomon. It’s very much an exploration of some darker sensual leanings and cravings – both by the characters depicted in it and me as a writer – and will, I’m sure, not be to everyone’s taste.

But, then, what’s writing without risk?



I’m stacking the last few hunks of schist when the back of my neck starts to prickle.

I glance round.

It takes me a while but, eventually, I spy Carissa standing at the massive sliders at the back of the house. Her shape’s partly obscured by the gently swaying trees reflected in the glass and I can’t make out her face, but I know with absolute certainty she’s looking right at me.

Something stirs in my gut. Something raw and feral and potent that grows and claws at me as I stare back, my whole body cranking tighter and tighter with every endless second that tick, tick, ticks by.

What the hell is it about this woman?

I straighten. Peel my dirty gloves off. Stalk across the grass and cross the patio until I’m standing directly opposite her on the other side of the door.

She looks at me through the windowpane.

Reaches for the door handle.

Slowly, the curtain wall slides back until there’s nothing between us and I feel the air between us crackle, become heavy with charge the way it does just before a lightening storm hits.

I don’t fuck around. I cross the threshold, pushing into her, using my bulk to drive her into the kitchen behind. It’s nice, I note, absently, as she scrambles inelegantly backwards. Gloss white with equally white worktops. Perfectly designed. Obscenely expensive. Nothing out-of-place. Not even a stray crumb that’s escaped the swipe of the kitchen cloth or a used mug in the sink.

Her ass bumps against the huge centre island, bringing us both to an abrupt stop, and she curls her fingers around the top to steady herself. Looks up at me, triumph and satisfaction all over her face.

Oh, no, honey. You ain’t drivin’ this. Continue reading


Photo courtesy of SassyCat

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I both love and loathe Christmas. The social side of things? The holiday itself? Brilliant. The present purchasing bedlam? Not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I love giving but it’s often difficult to find the perfect gift, especially for M, who’s notoriously tricky to buy for. And if you want to give something a little sexy, it’s even more of a minefield. (Somehow, I don’t think an I’d rather be trimming my bush mug or a novelty Santa apron would send quite the right message.) So, behold my quick ‘n’ dirty list of stylish and sexy presents, for under £100.00. Ones you wouldn’t be embarrassed to have your other half unwrap.


Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 11.20.001) For the lingerie lover …
Mimi Holliday Bow Thong – £40.00
A gift that pleases both the giver and the givee – the later gets to unwrap the present and the former gets to unwrap them.




Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 11.21.532) For those who like their sparklies …
Sylvie Monthule Leaves of Romance Nipple Clamps – £70.00
These are so, so pretty. And adjustable, too, so you can dial the ‘ow’ up and down as needed.




Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 11.23.353) For the one in control …
The Loving Dominant – £11.99/$12.83
John Warren’s book remains a perennial BDSM favourite. If your Dom doesn’t have a copy, this could very well be the perfect gift for him. (Please note that this title specifically focuses on male dominants.)
Amazon U.S. 
Amazon U.K.


Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 12.01.464) For the man who likes his gadgets …
LELO Billy Male G-Spot vibrator – £68.99
Made from body safe silicone, this prostate vibrator looks lovely in dark blue. And Bondara offer gift wrapping, too. Continue reading



[Lee refuses to remove her hands from the desk]

Peter: Are you doing something sexual?

Lee: Does this look sexual to you?


It’s been over a decade since I first saw Secretary but I still vividly remember watching the trailer for the first time; I took one look and practically sprinted down to the local cinema. The sight of Maggie Gyllenhaal crawling down that corridor with the envelope in her mouth?

Oh, my.

I don’t often revisit films once I’ve seen them – not even those I really love – but the re-watching of Secretary has been on my ‘to do’ list for some time. Why? Well, sexually speaking, I’m in a very different place from when I first viewed it and I was extremely curious to see whether I had the same visceral reaction to it with more time and experience on my side. But, of course, I got busy with other things (as you do) and kept forgetting.

Then, last week, I read the article Sex, cinema and secrets: early exposure at the arthouse in The Guardian. Written by Erin Cressida Wilson, who penned Secretary’s screenplay, it was an incredibly fascinating piece, exploring, as the title suggests, her early exposure to depictions of sexuality in fringe film. It gave me the proverbial nudge I needed and, Saturday night, her words fresh in my mind, I made myself comfortable in front of the T.V.

I’ll admit, I was both curious and nervous.

In my early twenties, I found Secretary both arousing and unsettling – the former because the sexuality depicted was of a sort I identified very strongly with, the latter because I was more than a little troubled that Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character, Lee, created a somewhat hazy line between two things that I believe are very, very separate – self-harming and masochism. Would the pull of the former still be there, or were my perceptions filtered through a rose-tinted prism of naivety? Would the latter prove to be an even greater stumbling block than it was initially? Continue reading


On Friday, I participated in Hy’s monthly meme, Boobday (which celebrates breasts of all shapes and sizes), for the very first time. The theme was ‘duplicate’ and all the participants had to pick a shot from the Boobday galleries and replicate it using their own busts. This created an interesting challenge for me as I am incredibly flat chested and achieving a ‘direct’ duplicate was nigh on impossible given my lack of cleavage. The solution?

Emphasising my flatness rather than trying to disguise it …


* To see my ‘Duplicate’ Boobday image, as well as all the other amazing ‘Duplicate’ Boobday entries, click here. Continue reading



Image: Marlith (Own work) 

This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt is ‘Dark Street’. Something that might have happened on one in real life, or something that we wish had happened on one.

My original plan was to write a short, dark piece for this brief – I have the most fantastically vivid picture in my head of a woman being pushed, stomach-first, against an alley wall, loose grit pressing into her hands, her knees scraping against raw bricks as she’s taken by a shadowy stranger – but then I remembered I had the below story (or the start of it, rather) sitting in my Drafts folder. It’s another modified fairy tale, an alternate version of Red Riding Hood.

I’ve not written much more than what I’ve posted here but, reading it back, I think I want to continue developing it.

I do rather like the idea of being devoured …



“Well, well, well. Look who it is.”

Alice froze mid-step. Felt her skin prickle and the hairs on the back of her neck lift. The voice had come from deep within the shadows of the alleyway but there was no mistaking who it belonged to.


From the gloom, a tall, broad shape sauntered towards her, slow and easy, coming closer and closer until, finally, a hard-looking face, punctuated by a pair of predatory dark eyes swam out of the blackness.

“Little Red,” the man drawled, coming to a stop in front of her, an amused look on his hard face. The toes of his heavy boots almost touched her own.

Automatically, Alice reached up to smooth a hand over her hair. “Don’t call me that,” she muttered – then immediately kicked herself for not remaining silent. What the hell do you think you’re doing?! Shut up! Don’t challenge him!

A sardonic eyebrow lifted. “Or what, Red? You’re gonna shut my mouth for me?” His gaze drifted down her body. Zeroed in on the v between her legs. “Cover it with something?” The flash of white teeth and the throaty rumble of his chuckle as he laughed at his own words made Alice clench her fists.

“What do you want, Wolf?” she asked, quietly.

The smile disappeared. “You know exactly what I want, Red. The only question is when you’re going to give it to me.” Continue reading


For last week’s Sinful Sunday, I posted a photograph that was very much a  ‘happy accident’. It was a test shot for another image I was working on and everything about it was unplanned/off-the-cuff – the composition, the lighting, the intent. But, when Molly saw it, she suggested there might be more to what I’d unwittingly captured and that I should explore the concept further …

“I hope you use this as a starting point to explore this shot more. I would love to see you play around with it again, reshoot it but get rid of the darkness beside the mirror, keep the scattered clothes etc but tilt up slightly to get your head in. You can mask your face behind the actual camera. One of the interesting things I have learned at Camera club is be that little bit more aggressive with your crop, really force the viewers eye into what it is you want them to ‘look’ at. At first I was dubious, surely you risk losing context, but actually that is rarely the case and I have found that applied at the right time it completely transforms an image.”

So, this week, I had a play around. I’m no longer in the house in which I took the original image so I had to use a different mirror and backdrop but – I hope! – the spirit of the original capture remains in these latest ones.

Molly? Did I pass my assignment?!


Molly's Challenge No.2 Continue reading