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Bully for you
Watching Me
Red in Tooth and Claw

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He’s Got Her
Subject/Object/My Desire

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Waiting with Snowdrops

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Tie Me Up

I’m totally thrilled to announce that whilst I’ve been galavanting about in the wilderness these past three weeks, eating freeze dry, looking stunning (*cough, cough*) in dirty thermals, and sleeping with 50 different people every night (in tramping huts, you perves!), Riverdale Ave’s Tie Me Up has been released! Woohoo!

Why am I so excited? Well, as some of you may recall, this saucy collection of bondage erotica includes my short story By a Thread – a tale of sadism, caning and … cotton.

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Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 16.14.43Title: Yield (Pierced Hearts #5)
Author: Cari Silverwood
Publisher: Cari Silverwood
ISBN: 9781310106781
Reviewer: Jane

**Warning! Mild spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution!**

“I was looking forward to this in the worst possible way.”

– Moghul

Circle of Life.

This book is like that song. Only Metallica have ball-gagged and hog-tied Elton John, stuffed him in the basement, and invited Alice Cooper to slaughter a few chickens on stage while they belt out the chorus. All kinky roads, it seems, lead back to your friendly-but-sadistic-as-fuck local accountant.

Want your end-of-year tax return completed? No problem! Need some help offloading your illegal human trafficking business? Got you covered! With these dudes, you’re always in the red. Dripping it. And the black? Well, just how deep and dark do you want that hole to be?


*Click to embiggen.

One of Cari Silverwood’s strengths as a dark erotica writer, in my opinion, is her knack for making the reader want to root for the bad guy no matter how awful he is. And when I say ‘bad’? I mean really, really bad. That filthy gutter you wouldn’t step into in a million years? That thing is a Banyan Tree Spa Day by comparison.

Banyan Spa Treatment

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Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 14.12.20

Back in 2013, I reviewed four charming little vibrators manufactured by a company named Smile Makers. The proposition? Sex toy designs based around stereotypical fantasy men. You know the sort of bloke I’m talking about. That bastion of manly manhood found in (and on the cover of) the classic 80s bodice ripper – the kind with a muscular chest who repeatedly calls the heroine ‘a little vixen’.

Think Mills & Boon. Think Harlequin.

He’s this dude:

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 09.57.07

Or maybe this one:

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 09.57.54

I don’t, as a general rule, go in for ‘comedy’ sex toys.

What do I mean by that?

Well, blow-up sheep, cotton wool nipple warmers and the like. Anything that might be considered hen or stag night fodder, really. Because while I’m all for humour and laughter during sex, poking a stick at the actual act itself – making it out to be something to snigger and giggle about behind our hands – leaves me feeling somewhat uncomfortable.

On the flip side, though? Sex shouldn’t be too serious.

And here’s where I think the folks over at Smile Makers have been really, really clever: they’ve managed to create a range of vibrators with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humour but at the same time counterbalance this personality injection with good quality design and manufacturing. Continue reading


Franz_von_Bayros_Ex-libris_of_Sweet_SnailI’m going off-prompt for this week’s Wicked Wednesday. I don’t usually do that but following on from my Come Inside Me post, which featured an excerpt from the story I’m currently working on, Dirty Hands, I’ve been doing a bit of thinking …

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you will have more than likely noticed that I have a bit of thing for marking. Bruises, welts, teeth marks, scratches – they all play a significant role in my kink ‘make-up’. But in this particular instance, I’m going to talk about a different kind of marking: marking with semen. Dirty Hands provided a fictional glimpse of the act and how it might play out. This? It’s my attempt to look at it through (and I apologise for how wanky this sounds) the lens of my own experience.

I’m not entirely sure when my desire – or, rather, need – for this act began. I think I’ve always quite liked the idea of the remnants of the sexual act being left on the body as a kind of evidence of connection – a token of an intimate exchange with another person, if you will. But as I’ve become more and more aware of my D/s tendencies I think ejaculate, semen, cum – whatever you want to call it – has taken on a different and deeper significance. Both the act and the physical evidence of it. Continue reading


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Other people run. I fuck.
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Bad Men and Why Perfectly Intelligent, Independent, Sane Women Fantasize About Them

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Erotic_sketch-Jan2010A little quiet on the blogging front over the past few weeks. Sorry, folks. I’ve had a lot going on, including a family bereavement (my much-loved grandmother), illness (me, appalling sinusitis), and general domestic chaos.

But the good news? I’m back working on Dirty Hands.

This story is quite different to anything I’ve written previously. One, because it’s a full length novel (as I recently confessed on Malin James’ #DraftingIsHell post, longer works are something I’m growing into) and, two, because the kink and D/s elements in it are not explicitly identified as such. In other words, Dirty Hands is kinky without being, er, kinky, if that makes any sort of sense.

My last snippet focused on an edgeplay encounter. This one? Marking. By which I mean marking with semen. There’s something incredibly primal and basically sexual about this act and for me, personally, it holds a deeply arousing allure – one I’d really like to explore in a future non-fiction piece. Specifically? The animalistic satisfaction it generates, the underlying psychology, the need(s) it fulfils in both the ‘marker’ and the ‘mark-ee’.

For now, though, I’ll leave you with this fictional encounter between Ben and Carissa.


God, but her cunt’s sublime. Maybe it’s because we’re skin-on-skin but, Jesus, the feel of it …

I drag myself backwards until I’m barely inside of her then push slowly back in – Sheets, shitty waves, ugly ass dogs – and Carissa whimpers, dropping her weight onto her forearms, pushing her ass higher. Beneath my fingertip, her clit swells to cock-like proportions and the sound of us fucking grows louder and louder as her body floods with arousal, soaking my pubic hair until it’s nothing but a mat of sticky, black whorls. Now when I root myself, she tightens around me in encouragement, tries to get her legs further apart and suck me deeper into her body. The shorts cuffing her thighs together put paid to that, though, and before too long, her breathy whines soon turn to groans of frustration.


I’m not going to last much longer – she just feels too fucking good. Continue reading