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Happy Friday, all!

Today, a final Scene teaser to kick of the weekend, which (all limbs crossed) should be available to purchase via The Zon within the next 24 hours. This excerpt is taken from a story titled Soap and was a blast to write, although, at times, I did question whether it might squick my readers out. Ah, well. Nothing ventured and all that. If you love the idea of punishment and being taught a lesson? This one’s DEFINITELY for you …

*Missed the first Scene teaser, An Unexpected Fare? You can find it here.



I scramble onto the bed and lie my still-damp body down on the rumpled white sheets.

The seconds tick by. Then the minutes.

When he finally reappears the wash of relief makes my eyes prickle. But then I see the soap in his hand. “So,” he says coldly, peeling back the wrapper to reveal a snowy-white bar. “It seems we have two issues.” He crumples the paper and drops it to the floor. “One,” he pins me with his icy blue eyes, “lying.”

I shake my head. “I’m so sorry. I had every intention of–

The frigid look he gives me kills my apology dead.

“Two,” he continues, his mouth twisting with annoyance “your aversion to both my cum and your own.” He takes a step towards the bed and I clutch at the sheet beneath me. “The first,’ he says, placing a knee on the mattress and leaning down to press a palm to my forehead, “I think we can deal with very effectively with this.” He brings the bar of soap to my mouth. “Open.” Continue reading


London Taxi

Image: London Bus and Taxi at Night – Tim Sheerman-Chase

Today’s Scene teaser, an excerpt from An Unexpected Fare. 

I’ve been in countless London restaurants and black cabs over the years and have often wondered what sorts of deliciously deviant things go on in back seats or at tables, in full view of drivers and waiters. I’m sure we’ve all played footsie, surreptitiously fondled under cover of a tablecloth. Perhaps felt a hand slip discretely beneath our skirt. But what happens when it goes further? A lot further. And your most avid watcher isn’t a stranger?



“What are you doing?” she says, hoarsely, as soon as he’s out of earshot, her gaze fixed on the white linen tablecloth.

Slowly, deliberately, I move my trapped index finger so that the very tip of it grazes her clit, light as a butterfly, through her lace underwear. “What does it look like I’m doing, pet?” I say quietly. “I’m touching my wife.”

She sucks in a breath and casts a sharp glance at me before slowly dropping her eyes to look at her right wrist, still caught in Paul’s hand. “And Paul?” she whispers, not daring to look at him. “What’s he doing?”

I lean down, press my mouth to the milky skin between her neck and shoulder, catch her flesh between my teeth and bite lightly.

“Why, you, of course.” Continue reading


I suspect that those of you who are regular visitors to Chintz already know that I have a bit of a thing for BDSM (No, Jane! Really?!), so it should come as no great surprise to learn that Scene, the collection of sexy, sinful shorts I’ve been working on for the past month or so is, well, a wee bit kinky.

Last Friday, I revealed the cover. Today – and over the coming week – I’d like to tease you a little about what’s lurking behind it. What sorts of stories have I written, exactly? What manner of delicious perviness might you expect to find within? Perhaps the blurb will give you a bit of a clue …


Your cravings.


Your longings.


Your need.


Your shame.


I see all of you, no matter how hard you try to hide yourself from me. The only question is … who else will?


Four stories, four women; whose scene will you wish was your own?






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You may have noticed, dear readers, that things have been rather quiet around here lately. I’ve not been posting quite as frequently as usual and that’s because I’ve made a decision to focus the majority of my time on writing rather than blogging. Trying to maintain a balance between the two has proved somewhat tricky over the past year and, bluntly, I’ve come to the conclusion that I just don’t have enough hours in the day to do both.

So, what does that mean in real terms? Well, that I’ll still be posting about all the stuff I normally do but less frequently. And, of course, there will be a little more emphasis on the stories I’m working on going forwards. To that end, I’m really, really excited to announce that I have a little collection of shorts in the pipeline, which, all going to plan, should be available to purchase, courtesy of the Zon, in the next week or so. If you’re a fan of voyeurism – with a little side-order of erotic humiliation – then this dirty little number will likely be right up your alley. Do I have a cover? Why, yes! Yes, I do:


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Bound for Trouble

I have a tattoo. Okay, it’s not a real one (details, details) but it is pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

Yep, thanks to smut goddess and author-stroke-editor extraordinaire Alison Tyler (a.k.a. Trollop with a Laptop), I am officially part of her Bound for Trouble Tattoo Tour, helping promote her tenth bondage-themed anthology for Cleis Press via those three words emblazoned across my stomach. Oh, and I get to hang out with the tour cool kids, such as Tamsin Flowers, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Sommer Marsden and Oleander Plume. (Ah, yes. They’re running for cover even as I type that. Hey, I said they were cool – I didn’t say I was!) Continue reading


Seize Me from the DarknessTitle: Seize Me From the Darkness (Pierced Hearts #4)
Author: Cari Silverwood
Publisher: Smashwords (22 September 2014)
ISBN: 9781310777097
Reviewer: Jane

Tropical location. Seclusion. Beautiful heroine. Exotically-accented Alpha male. Sex. In the hands of most erotic writers, these elements would add up to some sort of romantic encounter. In the hands of Cari Silverwood?

Er, no.

Given the trajectory of the Pierced Hearts series, I had no idea what sort of twisted scenario (and I say that with love, Cari) I was going to find in this latest instalment. It’s been quite the journey. From Klaus the sadistic accountant-cum-slaver in (Take Me, Break Me, Bind and Keep Me) to criminal Chris and quietly corrupt Andreas (Make Me Yours Evermore), the road has been pretty rough and ready.

Not in the brochureTurns out, Seize Me from the Darkness is like the pervert’s version of a Club Med holiday. Gorgeous setting, gorgeous people. Only instead of yoga and tennis on the Sports and Activities list, there’s torture, murder, sadism, and sexual slavery. Participation? Yeah, that’s definitely not optional. And if you get voted off the island? Well, let’s just say that ‘ship’ is also spelled c-o-f-f-i-n. Oh, wait. That’s Survivor. Oh, my God. I’ve just realised that’s exactly what this series is: the seriously dark erotica version of Mark Burnett’s CBS show. Tribe Sadist versus tribe Sub-Whether-I-Want-To-Be-Or-Not. Only with the sadists holding all the cards. And making up all the rules. And pretty much doing whatever the hell they want to the women in their possession. Continue reading


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Given to the SavageToday, I have the great pleasure of hosting spanking romance author and friend, Natasha Knight, on my blog. Now, I’ve known Natasha for a while – we’ve drunk many a Martini whilst typing increasingly garbled DM messages about life, sex and writing to one another – but this is the first time I’ve ‘officially’ had her as a Chintz Special Guest Star – cue lights, fireworks and excited fanfare. Shame on me. However, with the somewhat turbulent release of her latest book, Given to the Savage (read on to find out more about what I mean by that), I thought it would be the perfect time to pull her behind the curtain and pepper her with deep, probing and intelligent questions. Oh, all right. Pervy, inappropriate questions. That’s why you visit this blog, right?


Jane: I’m going to let my smutty self jump right in: your favourite sex scene from Given to the Savage and why?

Natasha: I’m laughing. I liked them all…it’s kind of hard to choose just one actually. OK, I’m going with the sex scene where Silas and Rowan are outside of his house very early in their relationship. I’ll try to explain why without giving too much away.

Both Silas and Rowan are forced into this situation and neither is sure of the other. Rowan is a breeder and with the setting as it is it gave me some freedom to write the scene exactly as I wrote it without having to soften or sugar coat anything.

The two are attracted to each other physically, and Silas, although he is portrayed as this mercenary type man – or the reader is made to believe that by some of his earlier actions – he is not, but his struggle comes when he wants to be that, he wants to not care, he wants to do what he has to do in order to get what he’s been promised by The Colony. I think this made quite a few people dislike him actually and this scene is a good example of how he turns his human emotions off in order to alleviate himself of his guilt as he takes Rowan whether willingly or unwillingly.

There’s this line in this scene where Silas says:  “You come every time I fuck you, you’re wet every time I punish you.” He’s trying to dehumanize her, make her into just a breeder in order to make what he is doing ok, even as he knows she is as human as he. I want to say poor Silas as I write this but I know most readers were thinking poor Rowan… This scene is a favorite because it’s hard and it’s raw. Silas is taking, he’s not making love to her, he’s fucking her and he’s showing her he owns her and the fact that what he said is true, that she’s wet ever time he punishes her and that she comes ever time he fucks her, it kind of confuses what happens, makes the situation more difficult in a way. Continue reading