I really hope I don’t offend anyone with this week’s Sinful Sunday competition entry; I have taken Molly’s brief of ‘triptych’ very literally and nodded, perhaps more than a little blasphemously, towards its religious roots. (Art History was one of my university majors and I just couldn’t help myself.) As such, my triptych sequence is inspired by both the traditional panel paintings found in churches and the great – and scandalous! – Baroque painter, Caravaggio; a true master of light, dark and the dramatic.

  • Picture one: The Flagellation 
  • Picture two: The Crucifixion
  • Picture three: The Benediction

*My blog layout is a bit restrictive with regard to showing my triptych full-size (although you can click on it to make it bigger). As such, I have placed the individual images in a larger format below the panel arrangement so that you can get a better look at them individually.


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Image: Everest North Face toward Base Camp Tibet Luca Galuzzi , North Face by I, Luca Galuzzi 

A short and sweet post today, my friends, because I have finally (finally) hit the very last few thousand words of The Garden of Earthly Delights and I want to try, in the words of the great mountaineer Sir Edmund Hilary, to ‘knock the bastard off’ by the weekend or before my hair turns grey (whichever comes first). This thing has been my Everest; there’s no denying that writing longer pieces is a challenge for me and it has taken me what feels like forever to get to this point.

I’m pleased to say that Nick and Grace’s journey has reached a conclusion and the chapter I am currently writing is entirely devoted to two characters who’ve shouted louder and louder at me as I’ve tapped away at the keyboard. I never intended for them to have a story of their own but it looks like they’re getting one, as is another individual who shall (for now) remain nameless. Continue reading



Image: ”We have it rich.” Washing and panning gold, Rockerville, Dak., John C. H. Grabill [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Is anything ever truly original? Have we already explored every unique avenue, theme and possibility when it comes to creative content? In art? In writing?

I believe that someone who is inherently creative will always manage to show us something new. Will demand that we look at things in a different way or engage us in a manner we never expected. Which is why I think the self-publishing movement is so important: not only does it give writers permission to take risks – those that a traditional publishing house would deem unacceptable – it also allows them to explore themes that may not be in vogue or are ‘off brand’.

Self-publishing gives writers who would otherwise have been marginalised the opportunity to be noticed. To have a voice. To be heard. Often, it is those on the fringes who have the most important and interesting things to tell us.

However, all that said, I am beginning to notice a somewhat frustrating and interesting irony: the very vehicle responsible for giving us exciting and innovative reading material is also responsible for giving us a load of same old, same old. A plethora of stories that stay well within the tracks of those that have gone before them, break no new ground whatsoever, and look like they’ve been edited in crayon by my eight-year-old. For the purposes of this post, I’m going to call this phenomenon ‘theme flood’. (Aquatic references ahoy-hoy!) Continue reading


Camp DildoImage: Maanpuolustusvastainen (own work)

How timely this Kink of the Week topic is; I have literally (as in the last 24 hours) hit the ‘pay now’ button and invested a chunk of change in a new phallic monolith for the old Jane and M toy box. No batteries, no cords, no plastic – just a lovely hunk of made-to-order glass that I’m hoping will get me off like no-one’s business. I want an orgasm. And I want a good one.

At this point, I’m going to say something controversial. Well, not controversial exactly but, possibly, a little surprising because I really haven’t seen that many other women make the statement I’m about to:

Phallic-style vibrators don’t, as a general rule, get me off.

Not without a lot of fiddling about, anyway.

From a stimulation point-of-view, the internal vibrations do a whole lot of nothing to my lady parts (am I the only one whose vagina pretty much yawns in boredom at these?) and while the rabbit ears – if the vibrator in question happens to have them – do generally feel good against my clitoris, they never seem to hit quite the right place with any sort of consistency. M’s fingers are far easier to position, far more flexible, and far more likely to get me where I need to go. They don’t need recharging, either.

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The house we are currently renting has a peach tree in the garden that’s absolutely laden with fruit. Unfortunately, we had a hail storm a few weeks back that spat out icy stones the size of marbles and rendered most of the crop inedible. As I was picking up all of the fallen peaches off the ground this morning, it struck me that I could find an alternative use for them … Continue reading


If you follow Chintz on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook, you might have seen yesterday’s link to the short film (above), First Kiss, which was released just over a week ago on YouTube. It shows a group of people who have never met before kissing for the first time. It’s awkward, emotional and, in my opinion, absolutely breathtaking, not least because it shows just how powerful, intimate and erotic the simple act of two sets of lips meeting can be. Continue reading


Another edition of e[lust], more fabulous blog posts about sex and sexuality.


elustheader Photo courtesy of Understanding Flutterby

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“What is hidden in your life? Or what would you like to hide? Or maybe you have found a treasure that was hidden for some time? Or you would like to find a treasure? Sometimes things are hidden in plain sight…”


The prompt for this week’s Wicked Wednesday is both intriguing and thought-provoking – not least because for someone like me, who blogs about sex and erotica, it raises a number of interesting questions about what I reveal and what I keep hidden from people who know me in ‘real life’.

I like to think that I am a fundamentally honest person. Bluntly, I’m just not that keen on keeping secrets or holding back the real ‘me’. (As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realised that life is way too short to pretend to be someone you’re not or deny yourself the things that you find pleasurable.) It took me a long time to get to this point and I don’t want to go backwards. That said, there is an inevitable rub that comes when I have to balance my ‘me-ness’ with mainstream society. Because like it or not, there is still a lot of judgement and stigma around those of us who talk openly and honestly about sex. Continue reading