What we used: Clitoral clip/clitoral clamp
From: Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium
Price: £6.00
Material(s): metal (unspecified), fabric (unspecified), plastic (unspecified)

Earlier this week, we reviewed Japanese clover nipple clamps. Today, Lizzie ventures below the waist with a clit clip from Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium.

First impressions …

As you probably gathered from my last Toy Box post, I particularly enjoy the sensation of clamped nipples, so taking things a little lower was a logical progression for me. I also quite like the idea of clitoral decoration but am too much of a chicken to get anything pierced, so a clit clip seemed like a nice compromise.

This particular clip is an own-brand item from Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium and arrives without an extraneous branding; the packaging is simple, utilitarian and, accordingly, female-friendly. (Unlike the clover clamps I reviewed recently, there’s no porn star displaying the clip in a raunchy pose, or laugh-out-loud back-of-box-copy talking about ‘excitement areas’.)

The clit clamp itself is very simple in design – a 6.5 centimetre (2.56 inch) metal clip that looks very much like an oversized hairpin with two strings of pink plastic beads, each measuring 4 centimetres (1.57 inches) attached to its looped ends. It’s very unintimidating, to be perfectly frank – no springs, screws or sliding parts – and looks like something you’d keep in your jewellery rather than your toy box. Weight-wise, the clit clip is very light, tipping the scales at a mere three grams, so there’s no need to worry that you’re going to be trying to accommodate something the size of a Christmas decoration between your legs.

Unfortunately, the clip doesn’t come with any instructions, so I had to do a bit of hunting on the Internet for adornment pointers. (For those who are interested, the most useful article I found whilst researching how to ‘dress myself’ was this one by D.Vice Magazine.)

Putting it on …

The first time Thomas and I used the clit clip, I insisted on placing it myself as I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to apply and I didn’t want to catch anything unexpectedly. Thomas insisted on watching me, though – one, because he’s pretty visual and, two, because he wanted to see how to do it himself in the future.

I made sure that everything was well lubricated before I attempted to slide the clip on but therein lay a bit of a hurdle. You need to pull the two looped ends of the clip apart in order to slide it over the inner labia and clitoral hood but with slippery fingers, this isn’t very easy to do and it took a few tries before I finally got it in position. (Thomas actually had to lend a hand at one point.) After all the messing about with attachment, my initial thought regarding the ‘in-situ’ sensation was that it was pretty mild. However, after about five minutes things started to get a little more interesting; as the blood supply to my clitoris was interrupted, it became more responsive and when Thomas removed the clip just over ten minutes later it had a lovely heavy feeling – which translated to a very nice orgasm with a little bit of additional stimulation.

After our first run with the clip we got a bit more experimental, with Thomas coating my clitoris in Durex O before and after clamping to increase the sensitivity further, using a vibrator on me while the clamp was in place, and on one very memorable occasion pulling it out of his pocket while we were enjoying a nightcap in a smart bar and telling me to go to the bathroom, put it on, and return to him. (We didn’t stay long after that.)

Two important points worth mentioning …  Firstly, Thomas and I found that we couldn’t have sex with the clip in place as it got in the way of penetration and, while everyone’s vulval landscape is different, we suspect that others will encounter this issue, too. Secondly, the beaded sections of the clip are not particularly easy to clean. Although you can use toy cleaners and antibacterial soap to wash them (and the main body), ensuring that the fabric strings are thoroughly sanitised is hard as they absorb lubricant – both bought and naturally produced.

The verdict?

This is a very mild clamp, so perfect for those who are new to pressure play. Yes, it goes on a sensitive area but the sensations it produces aren’t extreme. Because of the design, it’s not really possible to keep it on during penetrative sex, but the clip is great fun to use as part of foreplay.

In summary …

Things I liked …

  • The sensitivity it produced. The clit clip traps the blood in the clitoris, making it more responsive to touch.
  • The portability. This is a small toy that you can easily tote about – and you won’t be embarrassed if it falls out of your handbag because it looks very innocuous.

Things I wasn’t so keen on …

  • The lack of instructions. Most people will be able to figure out which way around the clit clip goes but some written or illustrated guidance wouldn’t go amiss.
  • The fabric strings. It’s very difficult to clean the beaded sections of the clip effectively as they absorb moisture during use. Definitely a one-person toy.
  • Can’t really be worn during penetrative sex as the metal arms of the clip rest very close to the entrance of the vagina.
  • Can be hard to get in place – lube is absolutely essential but slippery fingers can hinder positioning.

Tickle your fancy? Click here to buy the clitoral clamp/clit clip from Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium.

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